starring Mary Pickford
June, 1918

Sure, and ye never saw the like of Mary Pickford as Amarilly, the little Irish girl whose grandmother scrubbed, whose mother scrubbed, and, bedad, liked to scrub. Mary Pickford has gone to an entirely different well of characterization for Amarilly and drawn up as full a pitcher of success as in the renowned "Stella Maris." At last we have the joy of a different ending. The story of a poor girl who, altho offered all the advantages of a fine education and a wealthy marriage, has the good sense to realize that she will be a deal sight happier in her own middle class, married to the Irish lad she loves. One of the happiest bits from a director's ingenious brain is the final close-up of the happy Irish family off for a Sunday's outing in the motor-cycle sidecar.

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