starring Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton
April, 1926

There are two sides to every story - even the war. "The Big Parade" was war at the height of tragedy interwoven with humor, but "Behind the Front" is a satire on the lives of the buddies "over there." It's not artistic - it's not meant to be - it's plain slapstick comedy with enough kick in it to make one realize that Sherman spoke the truth.

It is a rare and infrequent occasion that such a robust comedy is handled in such a deft way. Edward Sutherland, who is rapidly being recognized as a master of wit, has presented his humor in a straightforward manner.

Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton are, without doubt, the funniest team that has ever depicted life in the trenches. Their humor is inimitable, and if we don't see more of this splendid team, than all is lost.

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