starring Buster Keaton and Marceline Day
November, 1928

Every one of Buster Keaton's comedies is announced as his funniest. It's just a matter of taste. I still prefer "The General." In his latest, Buster is a tintype expert by trade, and a newsreel man by accident. During one of New York's famous Welcomes to returning heroes, he gets mixed up in a movie camera and inadvertently becomes a newsreel photographer. The possibilities for comedy in this profession have already been demonstrated in a couple of pictures, and the idea is good for one more, easily. Buster always picks out the cutest girls to decorate his films. Marceline Day seems to make her home beneath the tripod of Buster's camera. It's never quite clear what she's doing there, as she's described as a stenographer, and none of the other cameramen I've seen had secretaries. But there are no complaints. And maybe you think Metro picked out a mythical newsreel office for the locale of their story. No indeed, it all takes place right in the offices of MGM, and you are allowed to see your favorite newsreel in the making. This is really funny.

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