July 1927

Here is a mighty picture, one that miraculously brings the dark mystery of the jungle to those living within civilized boundaries.

Here is a picture that has all the color of the tangled jungle for its backdrop and has searched out the natives of Northern Siam and the wild animals abounding there for its cast.

What "Chang" means must remain a secret if the picture is to thrill you as it should. Suffice it to say that "Chang" names the fear in every Siamese's heart. "Chang" is the terror of the wild places, at whose approach both men and beasts flee for safety.

The men who made this film just have risked their gallant lives time and time again. Unmistakably wild animals leer in close-ups. At times the thundering stampede of hoofs and paws is only a foot above the cameras.

"Chang" brings its audience into fascinated touch with stranger realities than they every dreamed of.

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