starring John Gilbert, Ernest Torrence and Renee Adoree
September 1928

The first half of this picture goes to really unnecessary extremes to prove that the hero is a sissy. That fact having been established, it requires only the twinkling of an eye to convert him into the boldest and bloodiest of Cossacks. From then on, things go from bad to worse. Turks are slain indiscriminately. John Gilbert and Ernest Torrence are tortured right before your eyes. And worst of all, a Turkish sabre is run straight through the beautiful diaphragm of Nils Asther, who is the hero of the piece so far as I am concerned, as no other man can hold my gaze when he is in the vicinity. This is all about the love affair of a Cossack maiden who prefers John Gilbert to Nils Asther. Renee Adoree is this lovely but misguided girl.

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