starring Mary Pickford
August 1919

Mary Pickford has probably contributed nothing to the screen which will be more popular than her adaptation of Jean Webster's story, "Daddy Long Legs," (First National), of the quaint orphanage foundling who becomes the ward and finally the bride of a wealthy chap. Ruth Chatterton played it upon the stage in an entirely different key, sounding the pathos of the character. Miss Pickford makes Judy Abbott the figure of comedy - and boisterous comedy at that. Judy even innocently collides with a hard cider jag. Mahlon Hamilton makes a distinguished Daddy Long Legs, and Micky Neilan, who directed the picture, himself plays the chubby Jimmie McBride. From a technical viewpoint, "Daddy Long Legs" is of too choppy continuity development. But Miss Pickford has jammed in the laughs at any cost.

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