starring Greta Garbo
April 1928

I must be getting inured to Greta Garbo. In this picture she again seemed very lovely indeed. And I think the secret is that, given a part in which she is expected to be something more than a vamp, she is quite a capable girl. She wakes up and has expressions just like other people and is really charming. In fact, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this picture. It is about a little French waif who is rescued from the streets by a young soldier, whom she ultimately deserts for a dazzling career on the stage. Things don't go so well, and she finally realizes, after everyone has suffered a good deal, that all is not gold that glitters, and love is enough and all that sort of thing. A poor tale, but it has been directed in the main with good taste by Victor Seastrom, and acted with charm by Greta, Lowell Sherman and Lars Hanson.

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