starring Norma Talmadge, Noah Beery, and Gilbert Roland
April, 1928

Another stage play has reached the screen practically intact - too intact, to tell the truth. No scene that could possibly be squeezed out of the script was omitted from this picture. And each one was dragged out to its utmost footage. The thing was half over before anything began to happen, and then the same thing happened over and over again. That is, Gilbert Roland escaped, either with or without Norma Talmadge, was caught by the villain, and escaped again, and so on. The story is about a cabellero (played by Noah Beery) who falls for Dolores, the Dove, a dancing girl, but she has a beau already. Noah gets annoyed and tries to do away with Noah's pride. This is finally done. Norma looks very lovely, but she is not the spirited girl we expected the Dove to be.

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