Starring Leatrice Joy and Willlam Boyd
August, 1926

Eve Corbin lives aboard a tramp freighter commanded by her father. She dresses like a boy and is full of pranks and mischief. Eve is on the look-out for "love vibrations" ­ and finds them when she sees Bob Britton, a young American traveling in China where "The Garden of Eden," her father's ship, is in port. Of course, the young couple are captured by Chinese, put to various melodramatic tortures of a refined and sinister nature and eventually ­ but this we must not disclose. Leatrice Joy plays Eve and makes that legendary character quite unusual. William Boyd, whom we like, though we don't know why, is Bob Britton, who falls reluctantly for the First Woman. Walter Long as Chang Fang is decidedly the supremely one individual one would never want to meet in the dark. The cast is fine throughout, but somehow the picture misses fire.

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