Scenes from the movie

  Ella tries to wipe the poster paste from her stepmother's face, but her apron is covered with soot - making an even bigger mess!

  Ella's friend, Waite Lifter, who is also the iceman, comforts her after she has been chided by her stepmother. Of course, she forgets that she has soap all over her face!

  Uh oh - just as she tries to shoo a fly from her nose, the photographer snaps the picture.

 Ella says she can't go to the ball because she has nothing to wear. Waite convinces her to take one of her stepsister's dresses without permission.

 At the ball, Ella is interviewed by the judges. Little does she know that the picture the photographer sent in shows her making a funny face.

 On the train to Hollywood, Ella meets up with a passenger car full of Indians. The Chief gives her a cigar to smoke, and she is too frightened to say "no."

 Harry Langdon helps Ella hide from the studio's security guard. That's Ella serving as Harry's table under the blanket.

 We learn that Waite Lifter, the iceman, is really George Waite who comes from a rich family. His father chastises him for wanting to marry Ella.

   . . . but, of course, they marry and live happily ever after.

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