Famous Players-Lasky

cast: Thomas Meighan (William Crichton), Gloria Swanson (Lady Mary Lasenby), Theodore Roberts (Lord Loam), Raymond Hatton (Hon. Ernest Woolley), Robert Cain (Lord Brockelhurst), Lila Lee (Tweeny), Bebe Daniels (the king's favorite), Rhy Darby (Lady Eileen Duncraigie), Mildred Reardon (Agatha Lasenby), Wesley Barry (Buttons).


In the wealthy Loam House of London is Lord Loam, younger daughter Agatha, elder daughter Mary, and a cousin, Ernest Woolley. The head of the household staff is William Crichton who is loved by scullery maid, Tweeny.

The large household staff sees to every need of the family almost to excess. For example, a staff of four delivers Mary's breakfast to her room, two of the staff's maids assist with her bath, etc. However, this has apparently spoiled the family as they seem incapable of even performing the simplest tasks for themselves and complain at the slightest instance not to their liking.

In spite of this, Crichton is attracted to Mary, her dignity and carriage while uncultured Tweeny's love is unrequited. Mary is engaged to marry the "snooty" Lord Brockelhurst.

The family decides to take their yacht on a cruise to the South Seas but are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Here, all barriers of class are broken down, albeit reluctantly, as each must contribute to the work that must be done for survival. In the beginning, Mary, Agatha and Ernest think Crichton and Tweeny will continue to attend to their needs as they did in London, but Crichton quickly changes their attitudes. He makes it clear that their circumstances have greatly altered the relationship between one another. All are equal and will work equally for the common good.

As it turns out, Crichton is the only one in the group with any survival skills. At first, the Loam household refuses to cooperate with Crichton and go off on their own. They soon learn they do not know how to build a fire, feed themselves or construct shelter. Crichton proves to be very adept at this and before the second evening is over, they have acceded to his terms.

After approximately two years here, we see everyone waiting hand and foot on Crichton who is somewhat of a "king" on this island paradise. The group has clothing, food and shelter from the available resources on the island. Mary actually fights with Tweeny for the honor of serving Crichton his dinner. After Crichton saves Mary from a leopard, they finally express their love for one another and make plans to marry.

Just as they are about to be married, a ship is spotted and, after seeing their signal fire, comes to rescue them. Upon returning to London, all quickly return to their former lives and attitudes. Although Mary is still in love with Crichton, he realizes people must remain with their own kind. So, he marries Tweeny and they move to America to make a life for themselves.

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