Scenes from the movie

 Sgt. Gonzales tells Don Diego he looks forward to an early meeting with Zorro.

  He: "I have a servant - a wonder at the guitar. Tonight I shall order him to come out and play beneath your window." She: "I have a maid - passionately fond of music."


  "The daughter of a man so out of favor with the governor should be more friendly - to the governor's friend."



  "To love is to trust." Zorro frees Lolita and her parents from jail.


  Zorro left a message for Sgt. Gonzales and his men that he would go to the village, unarmed, and have breakfast. "Try and catch me!"

  Don Diego/Zorro tells the governor, "Abdicate, get out of the country - and take this skunk with you!"

 "Have you seen this one?"

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