Scenes from the movie

 Molly's gang has tricked the dude into thinking he has committed a murder.


  The dude answers the bell boys' calls for anyone's name. Answering a call for a "Mr. Callahan" has led him to an elderly man with a very expensive diamond necklace.


  In order to find out the name and address of the man who has the diamond necklace, Molly's gang stages a fender bender.


 At the wedding reception, the dude is afraid Detective Callahan may recognize him, so, while looking at the necklace, he puts the jeweler's glass in his eye and his handkerchief in his mouth.


 The two detectives catch Molly and the dude in Molly's room with the necklace. The dude must think quick, so he begins twisting Molly's arm demanding to know who helped her steal the necklace.


  The two thieves have successfully eluded the police and are almost to the Mexican border when Molly asks if they've done the right thing.

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