Scenes from the Movie


 "Do you love me enough to throw yourself in to the sea that I might live?"

 Donald doesn't know Phyllis is married and grabs her for a kiss. Husband Hector has to act quickly!

 Donald escorts Phyllis from the courthouse following the divorce. Hector looks on pitifully.

"Squaws like 'em heap rough stuff," the Chief tells him. Hector gets an idea to win Phyllis back.

 The masked bandit kidnaps Phyllis and Donald.

 Hector gleefully enjoys his meal as Phyllis looks on hungrily.

 Roarin' Bill is having a difficult time eating Phyllis' hot cakes.

 Pedro returns to Phyllis' cabin. When Hector comes to her rescue, Pedro holds him at bay.

 Happy Ending - the Chief congratulates Hector on winning his wife back.

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