Swede points to his

burned pants, the result of

one of Blondy's practical jokes.


  Red swings dangerously

from one girder to another,

with disastrous results.

  Sally gets her heel caught

in a grate. Swede and Blondy

will have to save her from

a falling girder.


  He doesn't know it, but

ordering Blondy and Swede

around will only get him

punched out!

 Blondy has a unique way

of calling on girls when

he's several stories off

the ground.


  Blondy ends up with Jane

as his date when they all

go to Coney Island, but

he will have Sally on his

arm shortly.

 After his accident, Blondy

reads a letter from Sally,

but he won't answer it.


  Sally doesn't know about

Blondy's injury and doesn't

understand why he's being

so rude to her.

 Trying to cajole Blondy into

getting back on his feet,

Swede pretends he's

dating Sally.


 Swede and Sally sit on

a girder on the skyscraper.

Swede hopes Blondy will

show up and see them there


 The two men fight

in a dangerous place -

high up on the



  All's well that

ends well.

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