Scenes from the movie

 Beau Brummel meets Margery in the garden before her wedding. He is confronted by her fiance, Lord Alvanley.

 After losing Margery, Beau decides to live a frivolous life among the rich. His way into society is to befriend the Prince, which he does by saving the Prince from a jealous husband.

 As a protest against the tax on powder, the Beau had set the style for natural hair.

The Prince asks Beau, "Will you arrange a little supper tonight, George (Beau's real name), and invite some friends of the female persuasion -- say at eight?"

 After being caught with Lady Hester, Beau says, "My dear Lord Henry. I fear I shall not be able to come to your house again. You see, I am in love with your wife."

 Margery slips out one evening to tell Beau, "You have an enemy at Court -- someone I dare not name. He has heard of your appointment with the Duchess and threatens to tell the Prince."

 Lord Alvanley catches Beau with his wife (Margery). "Lady Alvanley," he says, "you've always wanted this tailor's dummy -- take him!"

 "Come, my dear," the Prince tells Margery, "tell Mr. Brummel you'll be happy to see him leave for France."

 "Please your Majesty," Beau's servant Mortimer begs the Prince. "Pity and forgive! He is ill -- broken -- near to starving!"

 Mortimer has not seen Beau in years and finds him old and in poverty, his mind almost gone.

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