Scenes from the movie

 Babbs is in love with Ela, but Ela is more concerned about her father's gambling habits which are causing Mr. Delahay to lose everything they have.

 Babbs tries to help Mr. Delahay by selling him a bogus lottery ticket, having someone tell him he won, and then Babbs will secretly pay out the winnings. When Ela sees Babbs sell her father the lottery ticket, she thinks he is encouraging her Dad's gambling and tells him she never wants to see him again.

 Back at the university, Babbs' two friends, Jack and Charley, want to bring their girls (Amy and Kitty) over to propose, but it must be done with Charley's aunt there. She is delayed another day, so they get Babbs to dress up and pose as Charley's aunt.

 The girls, thinking they are being friendly to the elderly aunt, give her a welcoming kiss - of course, Babbs takes advantage of the situation and kisses the girls several times - much to the dismay of Jack and Charley.

 Jack's Dad arrives and says he is about broke. Knowing that Charley's real aunt is wealthy, Jack tells him to go home, get dressed up and return to meet this wealthy widow.

 Jack wasn't planning on his Dad "courting" Babbs, though!

 Amy's Uncle Spettigue, who is also Kitty's guardian, comes over to ensure the girls don't get married since it would mean a loss of income for him. However, when he finds out Charley's has a rich aunt there, he suddenly becomes interested in her - starting a rivalry with Jack's Dad who is also vying for her (Babbs') attentions.

 Amy and Kitty tell Babbs (Charley's aunt) that she must get Uncle Spettigue to sign the paper giving them permission to marry.

 The REAL Charley's aunt arrives, but Babbs continues his ruse not realizing who this lady really is.

 Babbs gets very nervous when the girls start lifting their skirts to show the runs in their stockings.

 Ela arrives and confides in Charley's aunt (Babbs) that she made a mistake sending Babbs away.

 When Ela finds out Babbs' ruse, she is angry. So, Babbs pretends to commit suicide.

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