Scenes from the movie

 "Better beat it, Boy Friend. If my brother catches you with me, he'll take the problem of livin' off your mind."

 Brian brings Orchid home to meet his aunt.

 "I want you to like her - because I'm going to ask her to marry me," Brian tells his Aunt Agatha. "Marry her! Why, Brian, you couldn't be so unfair to the child," his aunt says. "She's nice, yes. But so crude . . . your friends would laugh at her . . . she'd be miserable."

"Don't be a sap," Orchid's brother, Buddy, tells her. "His kind don't marry girls like you!"

 "Go out with him again, and it'll be the last time he ever goes out with any girl," Buddy threatens.

While Brian is in South America, Aunt Agatha is teaching Orchid the social graces.

 Brian is upset that Orchid has changed while he was in South America and is not excited about his return or the gift he gave her. Repeating what Aunt Agatha taught her, Orchid says, "But a lady never makes a vulgar display of her emotions."

 "You've taken away from her everything that was real -- everything that I loved -- now I don't even like her!" Brian tells his aunt.

 Buddy slips into Orchid's room at Brian's house. He looks over her shoulder and sees a letter that she is writing to Brian that, to him, proves Brian has no intention of marrying her. "You're all wrong!" she pleads with Buddy. "This letter is not for Brian at all! We are going to be married -- honest we are!!"

 "And my dogs can live in the house??"

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