Scenes from the movie

 "If you believe what you say, make Hetty talk."

 Rev. Bradley tells David, "Mr. Morton hopes to see you in my pulpit -- don't you think you owe him some consideration?"

 Big Hex comes in from the mine and tries to become affectionate with Hetty, much to her disgust.

Leila tries to convince David that he should stay and take the minister's position at the local church rather than go back to the mining town.

 Some of the miners come to Morton's home demanding that he repair a faulty mine shaft.

 Morton rushes to the mine when he hears of the cave-in -- however, he is mobbed as he gets out of the car requring two armed men to escort him to safety.

 One of the miners asks his dad to look after his wife and child if he should die.

 "Speak to them, Hetty. Tell them with your own voice -- tell them to have faith."

 Morton comes out to tell the mob he will ensure that the mine is safe from now on.

 David recuperates from his ordeal in the mine with Hetty and Leila comforting him.

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