Scenes from the movie

 Rudy Franklyn tells Bill, "This car is a hard luck devil so watch out for cops and women."

 Aunt Abbie looks suspiciously at the stranger (Bill) who has offered to light their campfire at the roadside campground.

 Bill can't understand why Aunt Abbie doesn't want him around Doris. What he doesn't know is that she saw a photo of the car in the newspaper and thinks Bill is the rich, ladies' man who always stays in trouble with "cops and women" - that is, Rudy Franklyn.

"Why don't you enter that car in the big race?" the garage owner asks Bill. The $10,000 first prize would solve all of Bill's and Doris' problems.

 To get the entrance fee for the race, Bill challenges Sailor Sheldon at the local carnival. If he can last two rounds with the pugilist, he wins $200.

 Bill sees the old man who stole his wallet out on the road while he was changing a tire. When a cop sees Bill taking his wallet back, he thinks Bill is robbing the old man.

 "The police are watching you, too, so don't try and leave town," Mrs. Hunt, the landlady, tells Doris and Aunt Abbie. "You'll pay up by tomorrow or find yourselves in jail!"

 Because Bill owes for his hotel bill, the Constable must keep a close eye on the car, which is Bill's only collateral. So, the Constable rides along in the race - and tells Bill, "Gosh, I ain't had a thrill like this since my old woman bobbed her hair!"

 Bill runs off the road into an embankment to avoid hitting a little girl who walked into the road. "The gears are stripped," he laments. Now he can't finish the race - or can he?

 A kiss, and all ends well!

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