Scenes from the movie

 "Gil, we must keep our engagement a secret . . . until you get your appointment in the Paris embassy."

 Gil entertains at a party by impersonating famous movies stars. (Fairbanks does a great job impersonating John Barrymore, John Gilbert and even his own father (here) as Robin Hood.)

 "Come on, Billie!" Gil urges. "We're going on to the lake!"

Billie declines. "Sorry, Gil . . . I promised the next dance to Mr. Abbott."

"I've been taught never to play with dynamite," Billie says. Abbott replies, "Dynamite isn't dangerous . . . if you know how to handle it."

 "I was a cad!" Gil exclaims. "You didn't know that I loved Billie since we were kids . . . that we were engaged."

 "I've shown you what I feel for you," Abbott tells Billie, "and you haven't objected, have you? Tell me, just what does Jordan mean to you?"

"Don't be silly, Glenn," Billie says. "Gil Jordan is only a friend."

 Thinking that Billie only wants to help out a friend, Abbott succeeds in getting Gil an embassy appointment in Paris. He is not aware the two are engaged.

Billie agrees to go away with Abbott to his secluded cottage. When she spurns his advances, Abbott chooses not to force himself on her. "I knew you were . . . decent," she says. "It's not decency!" he replies angrily. "I just don't want you!"

 "I didn't want you to know, Billie," Kentucky cries. "I didn't want you to ever know."

 Just as the wedding party expect Billie and Gil to come out and go on their honeymoon, Billie emerges alone and tells her father, "Dad, I'm going away without Gil . . . I must!"

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