Scenes from the movie

 Although Mem has just married Owen Scudder, she recoils in revulsion when he tries to become affectionate with her on the observation deck of the train.

 After running away from Scudder, Mem is lost in the desert. Fortunately, a movie company is making a picture there, and leading man Tom Holby gives the exhausted and dehydrated wanderer some water.

 Scudder escapes after being captured by the police. He still has handcuffs on, though, and happens upon the home of spinster Miss Tweedy. She falls for his sob story and helps file the handcuffs off.

 Eve Southern plays an aspiring actress who tells the casting director she is willing to "pay the price" for a job.

 Mem fails miserably at being a comedienne.

 Upon seeing the rushes of her comedic efforts, Mem realizes how badly her screen test turned out and breaks down and cries. Director Frank Claymore vows, "I'll make an actress out of you if I have to break your heart and every bone in your body!"

 When Mem's parents come to visit her at the studio, she begs them, "Promise me solemnly you won't tell anybody here I'm married."

 After a long absence, Scudder learns Mem has become a successful actress and climbs in her bedroom window one evening.

 Seeing Claymore and Mem in the garden drives Scudder into a jealous rage. He pulls a gun on Claymore but is subdued. Mem begs Claymore to let him go with the excuse that the incident would cause a scandal. Claymore still doesn't know that Mem and Scudder are married.

 Scudder is killed when he saves Mem from being hit by the propellers on a wind machine.

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