Scenes from the movie

Bull Weed offers Rolls-Royce, a smart vagrant, a chance to clean up and workd for him.

 Bull and his girl, Feathers McCoy, wonder what evil plans his gangland rival, Buck Mulligan, may be hatching to rub Bull out.

 They have reason to wonder, for Mulligan covets both Bull's power and his girl.

 Bull gives Rolls-Royce a thousand dollars and assures him that he himself doesn't need help from anyone.

 Feathers meets the cleaned-up Rolls-Royce at his apartment, where they realize their mutual attraction.

 The annual gangland ball, where gangsters park their gats, but not their vendettas.

 At the ball, Feathers begs Rolls-Royce not to return to his drinking.

 Nearly raped by Mulligan at the ball, Feathers knows that Mulligan's days are numbered now that Bull is on his trail.

 Feathers and Rolls-Royce plan to run away before their loyalty to Bull brings them back to a higher moral road.

 Bull's men, attempting to get him out of jail before he is hanged for the murder of Mulligan, are foiled by the police.

 Bull manages to escape anyway and, holed up in his hideaway, listens for footsteps outside his door.

 Bull is touched as the injured Rolls-Royce assures him of his and Feathers' loyalty to Bull.

 Realizing the depth of Rolls-Royce and Feathers' feelings for each other, Bull whisks them to safety before he turns himself in to the police.


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