Scenes from the movie

 George teaches Marian how to keep the books. At this point, he does not realize she the daughter of the company's owner.

 George takes Marian home to meet his parents, and his Dad tells her, "All us Masons sure know how to pick out pretty girls!"

 Marian's friend finds her working in the shipping office, but doesn't give away her secret identity. Instead, she invites George and Marian to a weekend party - at the company owner's house (Marian's house, that is!)

At the weekend party, George catches Marian's brother, Will, stealing from the family's safe to pay off gambling debts.

 George's rival for Marian, Howard, invites George's parents to the party thinking his unsophisticated parents will embarrass him.

 When George finally learns Marian's true identity - the daughter of the wealthy Cyrus Dorsey, the owner of the company where he works - he tells her, "I appreciate your jest, Miss Dorsey, and I'm sure my parents appreciate it, too."

 George is accused of robbing the safe, but he refuses to speak - choosing not to give the brother away.

 Howard tells Will, "I'll tear up this I.O.U. if you'll split fifty-fifty on the money that disappeared from the safe."

 Will finally confesses his guilt to his father.

 Mr. Dorsey apologizes to George as his father looks on proudly.

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