Scenes from the movie

 Looking through an old photo album, Conrad reminisces with his cousins about the days when they were kids and played together.

 Seeing a photo of a petite, slim girlfriend from the past in an old book, Conrad decides to go visit her. "After all, we don't change very much, do we?" she tells him.

 In a beautiful Italian villa many years ago, Mrs. Adaile said farewell to her young, seventeen-year old admirer with a kiss.

However, when he goes back to find her many years later, she doesn't readily recognize him.

 Conrad wants to recreate that night from so many years ago when Mrs. Adaile came to his room, but this time he falls asleep before she arrives.

 "Six hours in this forlorn town - I'll stroll out to the cemetery, and you can meet me here at train time," he tells his valet.

 Conrad runs into Rosalind and Tattie during a layover in a small town believing them both to be down and out actresses in a local show that is about to close.

 Conrad, feeling sorry for the girls, buys them groceries.

 Conrad: "I know nothing about you except that I'm madly in love with you, and have been waiting for you all my life."

Rosalind: "If you really want to marry a penniless actress after you've thought it over, ask Lady Darlington about me - I can't say any more until you've seen her."

 "I've come to confess that I'm Lady Darlington - I ran away just to relive a few memories."

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