Scenes from the movie

 At his Bliss College graduation speech, Harry tells the mostly female audience, "What this country needs is more Matrimony and less Alimony!"

 After Harry tells his Uncle Amos that he plans to get married, Amos tells him, " - forget it! - any girl who marries you is after your money," to which Harry replies, "Uncle, you'd take that back if you knew my sweetheart." Undeterred, Amos counters, "Is that so? - Three of 'em married me - for a fireman's salary!"

 Harry dropped the engagement ring he bought and believes it is stuck to the bottom of a lady's shoe who walked by.

 Harry goes home with a friend for dinner and gets caught in the middle of a family squabble.

 Dazed, Harry had just been hit over the head and his clothes stolen and switched by a female crook.

 Ethel, who was originally going to marry Harry until she was told he had no money, has now fallen for the woman-hating Uncle Amos who just rescued her from a fire.

 Harry thinks he's rescuing a woman from a fire - not realizing it's a mannequin.

"Mary thought it would be a good idea to stage a little rescue for herself," so she creates some smoke and calls Harry at the firehouse. No one else is at the firehouse, so Harry takes the steam engine and races there himself.

 Harry rescues her from the balcony, but the ladder tips over backwards dumping them on top of the steam engine.

 Amos, who doesn't want Harry to get married, confronts him with Mary after the rescue - but Harry isn't about to give up his newfound love so easily.

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