Scenes from the movie

 "That debauched old Marjory is madly in love with your wife. Everyone knows it. Everyone is talking."

  Julien finds Marjory dying.

The judge's pronouncement: "Twenty years of hard labor."

 Corradin shows Régine an item in the newspaper. "As we go to press to announce the divorce of Julien Villandrit, we have learned the convict was killed in a daring escape attempt."

 Corradiin: "Régine, the war is over. You no longer have any reason to postpone our marriage."

 Régine does not recognize Julien who, in disguise and under an assumed name, has secured a job as second foreman on the estate.

 Régine: "Julien, You! You, my Julien?"
Julien: "You are a stranger to me. Unfaithful one!"

"Traitor! Scoundrel! Murderer!"

 Julien asks the dying caretaker, "Rudeberg, do you know who murdered Marjory?"

"Hold him while we wait for the prosecutor and the judge."

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