Scenes from the movie

 "Monsieur, please. A few more days, and I can pay the rent."

 Warming their hands by Rodolphe's heater. He is burning parts of furniture to keep the fire going.

 Mimi tries to leave with her belongings since she can't pay the rent, but Musette, Rodolphe and the rest of her friends come to the rescue.

"Forgive me . . . I have no right to be jealous . . . but I can't help it . . .He is rich . . . he could give you so much . . . why should you not prefer him . . .?"

Mimi cannot bear to tell Rodolphe that the editor has fired him, so she uses her own money to deceive him. "There's your money, dear. The editor was so pleased - he said you are a genius!"

"The author is a friend of yours? Perhaps I can interest a theatrical manager in the play - you know a word from me would mean a great deal -"

 "If you come to me, you will never have to concern yourself about trifles like this play."

 "You have been out with Vicomte Paul! - Answer me! I want the truth! Don't lie to me any more . . . The editor told me tonight I had been discharged . . . five weeks ago!"

 In a jealous rage, Rodolphe hits Mimi. He apologizes profusely saying, "From now on, I'll take care of you - I'll give up my play . . . earn money! You shall get well!"

 Mimi leaves without telling Rodolphe where she has gone and goes to work in the slums of Paris, her health continuing to deteriorate.

During the time that Mimi is gone, Rodolphe has become a success as a playwright. Then, one day, she comes home weak and terribly sick. "It is growing so dark, Rodolphe . . . I can't see you . . . and I want to see you . . ."

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