Scenes from the movie

 Bradley and Gwen discover their old partner in crime, Dolly, working as a telephone operator in a hotel. Bradley hires a couple of guys to pose as cops and bring her to his place.

  "Men are that way," Dolly tells Gwen as they commiserate together over how bad men are - both faking it for the other's benefit. "Seems like there's no chance for a poor girl to make an honest living." Of course Dolly's using this opportunity to steal away the $10,000 they hid from her under the pillow on the bed.

Dolly is using a trick to "reel in" a man she thinks is a millionaire.
Steve: "Excuse me, Miss, but did you pay for a telegram signed 'Steve'?"
Dolly: "Was that your telegram? I thought you had forgotten it - and I saw it was addressed to a mother."
Steve: "That was mighty sweet of you --- mothers are most important, aren't they?"
Then Dolly saddens and says, "I never had a mother."

 Bradley catches up with Dolly and wants the $10,000 she stole. Dolly looks in her purse and tells him, "A complete washout. I must have lost it." Knowing she's working on Steve, he dismisses it and says, "Oh, we'll forget the small change - now that you've lined up a new sucker."

 After they are married, Steve takes Dolly to his home in Alabama, and she quickly finds out he is not a millionaire.
Dolly: "So this is the plantation."
Steve: "Oh, no. The plantation is next door. It's Colonel Winthrop's plantation, but we enjoy looking over the cotton fields."

 Dolly: "Steve, you should have married a girl who could help you - not a lady like me."
Steve: "What are you going to do?"
Dolly: "I'm leaving for New York tonight."

 Dolly realizes she loves Steve and returns. However, Bradley and Gwen have trailed her to Steve's home.
Dolly: "What do you think you're going to gain by coming here, Bradley?"
Bradley: "We're merely trying to find out why a gink with a million bucks lives in a shanty like this."

Just as Dolly has convinced Bradley and Gwen that Steve is not rich and they are about to leave, Steve rushes in and shouts that he has sold his cement formula for $100,000. Dolly tries to get him to shut up, but he's too excited.

 To save Steve from entering into a crooked deal with Bradley, Dolly confesses that she's a crook and wanted by the police, even though it means she will go to jail.

All's well that ends well.

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