Scenes from the movie

 The Grand Duke is given his costume at the wardrobe window along with the dozens of other extras.

 What do you know about that?" another extra teases him. "The Czar gave him this beautiful medal."

 Going back 10 years, we see the humble extra as the Grand Duke during the Russian Revolution. Two revolutionaries are before the Grand Duke for passport inspection posing as actors.

Grand Duke: "Why aren't you in uniform?"
Revolutionary: "My lungs are weak."
Grand Duke: "Perhaps it is your courage that is weak."
Revolutionary: "It doesn't require courage to send others to battle and death."

The Grand Duke strikes him and orders that he be arrested.

 Natalie: "Aren't you taking a terrific risk defying the Czar's wishes?"
Grand Duke: "I would take any risk to prevent a needless sacrifice."
Natalie: "Then why do you continue this stupid war?"
Grand Duke: "We must have victory! Defeat means revolution - and the collapse of Russia."
Natalie: "You love Russia so much?"
Grand Duke: "I would gladly die tonight if it would help Russia."

 With pistol in hand and the Grand Duke's back turned, Natalie finally has the opportunity she has been waiting for.

 "From now on you are my prisoner of war - and my prisoner of love."

 Surrounded by revolutionaries as he disembarks from the train, the Grand Duke shouts at them, "People of Russia, you are being led by traitors!"

Natalie joins the mob and shouts, "This is the end, Your Imperial Highness! It is our turn now! Let's hang him in Petrograd for all the world to see!"

 "Don't you understand? It was the only way I could save your life! I love you!"

 Return to the present -- the director is the revolutionary he struck with a whip and has imprisoned 10 years earlier. "I've waited ten years for this moment, Your Imperial Highness. The same coat. The same uniform. The same man. Only the times have changed."

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