Scenes from the movie

 To indicate the slow, daily grind of monotonous work, we see a clock surrounding the frame with hands moving slowly as Mary works at her job as telephone operator.

 The scene switches back and forth between Mary and Jim, each doing their rote, tedious tasks as the hands of the clock move around the outside edge of the frame.

 It's Saturday, and everyone is off at noon. Being the July 4th holiday, Mary's friends all invite her to go to Coney Island with them. They have dates, however, so she makes excuses about having other things to do and declines - only to go home to her lonely apartment. We are also shown Jim in his apartment, lonely and despressed, playing the Victrola, then tiring of that. Both Mary and Jim see a truck outside with a jazz band on the back advertising the excitement at Coney Island - and, unknown to each other, they take the same cue to get up, get out and join the festivities.

Once Jim spots Mary on the bus going to Coney Island, he can't take his eyes off her. He follows her through the park until he gets a chance to speak.

 On the beach, the two lonely people get to know each other. Jim pretends he's rich, but later decides he can't deceive Mary and tells her what he really does for a living. (This photo is from one of the talking sequences in the movie.)

 The two make the most of each other's company during the day, riding rides, dancing, swimming, playing games. Mary hugs a kewpie doll that Jim won her in one of the games.

 Because of the crowd, they get split up riding two separate roller coasters that run side by side. A wheel catches fire on Mary's car, and, although the fire is put out when they stop, Mary has fainted. Jim tries his best to get through the crowd to Mary, but ends up getting taken to the police station for trying to force his way past a cop. When Mary wakes up, she is distraught because Jim is nowhere to be found.

 The two search desperately for one another, an impossible task in the milieu of bodies crammed together on this holiday at the park. At one point they are on either side of a wall from one another but do not realize they are so close. Finally, the rains come, both being soaked in the drenching downpour as they continue to search for one another as long as they can, finally realizing they must give up and go home.

 Back in her apartment, clothes wringing wet, Mary hugs the kewpie doll Jim won for her.

 Jim, sad and distressed, looks at the photo of Mary taken in the photo booth at Coney Island, Both he and Mary realize they have no information by which they can locate one another other than a first name.


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