Scenes from the movie

 Nell, who is selling oranges outside the theatre, is approached by the King.

 Taken out to dinner by the King, he admits he has no money to pay for the meal. Nell responds, "Zounds, Your Majesty! I never was I so poor a company!"

 From Drury Lane - to Whitehall Palace.

Nell is snubbed by everyone at the reception as they move to see her rival Lady Castlemaine's new, large hat.

 Nell "gets back" at Lady Castlemaine at the next evening's theatre performance by wearing a ridiculously large hat, mocking Castlemaine's new hat and reciting:

"I am a lady grand and great, In gay Whitehall I hold my state, And when I find my charms fall flat, I simply wear a larger hat."

 "Do you think you can rob me of wealth and favor, you gutter-bred hussy!

 Nell doesn't forget her friends, and tells them, "The King gives his palace in Chelsea to the aged and broken men who have fought in his wars!"

 "Nelly, you must make peace with my brother - he may soon be King."

 The King is dying.

 The King is dead, and his brother, James, is now the new King. Others bow to kiss his hand, but when he stretches out his hand to be kissed as Nell walks from the dead King's bedroom, she refuses to kiss his hand - there is only one King for her.

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