Scenes from the movie

Pop: "Your ma has her good points, Pat."
Pat: "She sure has. They stick out all over her."

At the Yacht Club formal, the wealthy Billy Caldwell invites himself to the Harrisons' table and begins taking Grace's attentions away from Tony.

 Pat makes the family think she's crazy when she walks around the house juggling two apples and saying things like, "The well-dressed girl will wear heavy walking shoes when motoring."

Tony doesn't know that Grace went out with Billy, and, as he is leaving, he tells Pat, "But I came here to see Grace because I want a woman's viewpoint on these plans," to which Pat responds, "I'm a woman and just full of viewpoints." So Tony sits down to show her his Boulevard plans.

 Grace: "I'll get him back any time I choose. When he comes here tonight it will be me that he takes out. If you interfere, I'll tell him you've been lying about 'another man' - and Tony hates liars!"
Pat: "You surely wouldn't be mean enough to tell him that!"

 To gain Billy's attention, Pat impersonates Pola Negri. She also does impersonations of Mae Murray and Lillian Gish.

 Pat schemes to have Tony rescue her from Billy in Billy's home, but it backfires on her. Tony tells her, "I'm through with you - any girl who comes to Billy Caldwell's home alone deserves all she gets."

 When Ma tells Pat, "I'm going to take you upstairs and give you what I should have ten years ago," Pop finally, after 25 years, stands up and defies Ma. "You ain't going to do nothing of the sort," he tells her. "Now I'm the doctor. The first time I hear a yip out of you, I'm going to break up the inside of this house and throw it out into the front yard."

 After Pop blows up at Ma and walks out the door telling her he's leaving, Pat finds him hiding in the bushes outside. "You sure murmured an earful, Pop," says Pat. "I had to do it - for you, Baby," he tells her.

 Pat gets her man!

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