Scenes from the movie

 Dr. Brown shows Phoebe an invitation to a dance that evening and asks if she would accompany him.

 In the garden at the dance, Dr. Brown points out a bird in the tree - which accidentally brings their faces close to one another.

 Susan shows Phoebe a wedding dress she has made for her in anticipation of a proposal from Dr. Brown.

Phoebe tries to hide her heartbreak when Dr. Brown tells her and Susan he is going off to fight in the Napoleonic Wars.

 With Dr. Brown going off to war, Phoebe's hopes of a marriage proposal are dashed - so she puts away the would-be wedding dress Susan made for her.

Dr. Brown returns after years away in the wars only to find Phoebe's youthful beauty is not there as when he left. Noticing his disappointment, Phoebe says, "I have not worn well, have I, Captain Brown?"

 Phoebe is determined to show him she is still beautiful, but she wants to make sure he loves her and not just youthful beauty - so she reinvents herself as "Miss Livvy," her own niece. Captain Brown is infatuated.

 To help prove her point, she declines an invitation to the dance that evening as Phoebe but accepts Captain Brown's invitation as Miss Livvy.

 When Captain Brown kisses "Miss Livvy" in the garden at the dance, Phoebe feels she has her answer - he's not in love with Phoebe, only the beauty of a young girl. She runs home to the comfort of Susan telling her, "I hate him I hate him!"

 Dr. Brown examines the "sick Miss Livvy," however, he knows her real identity.

"And they lived happily ever after."

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