Scenes from the movie

 The adventuresome Lt. Ransom is greeted by his budddies upon his return from fighting Indians.

 "Cahill -- you or me has got to leave this Post -- and I'm not figurin' on desertin'!"

 Although a fire has broken out that threatens the powder magazines and the possibility that the whole fort could blow up, Ranson is not deterred.

 During a boring evening together, Ranson's friends tell him of a bold highwayman who has been holding up stagecoaches. "Doesn't take any nerve to hold up a stagecoach -- just a game of bluff." Then he brags, "I'll hold up the stage tonight -- myself -- rob Miss Post and -- dance with her an hour later."

 Cahill overhears Ranson's boast.

 After Ranson's leaves to rob the stagecoach, his friends learn that the paymaster is on his way. "We must stop Ranson -- Patten and the payroll -- that's no joke!"

 When Ranson holds up the stagecoach, he declines to take anything from the ladies. What he doesn't know, however, is that the paymaster and his escorts are on their way in a wagon - and are about to get robbed for real!

 Being arrested by his friend. "By order of the commanding officer, you are in arrest."

Ranson: "So you can't take a joke -- you had to tell! What am I being arrested for?"

"For attacking a superior officer -- robbing the government paychest -- and for murder!"

 "Mary -- you -- you -- believe in me?"

 Being tried for robbery and murder.

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