Scenes from the movie

 Winged Foot is told to salute the flag, but he refuses. He is whipped for his refusal and earns nickname "Do-Atin," or "The Whipped One," a shameful name that carries over into adulthood.

 "Why, if we hadn't needed you on the track team, you wouldn't even be tolerated here!"

 "The White school has had you ten years - I'll make you a Pueblo woman again in ten minutes!"

 Chief Notani: "I asked you to come back to me an Indian."

Winged Foot: "Why, Father, these clothes mean nothing. My life with the White man has made me proud of my race!"

 "Do-Atin, you are no longer my son! You are no longer a Navajo! Go!"

 "You should know. You named me. Do-Atin, the Whipped One . . . And I'd like to speak to you alone. You pinned a name to me that I've never been able to live down! And, as for your education, what has it made me? I am neither Indian nor White Man. Just . . . Redskin."

 Corn Blossom hides out in Judy and John's car when they visited the Pueblos. She begs them to take her to Winged Foot.

 Winged Foot finds oil on some land, and White man in search of oil try to jump his claim. A fight ensues.

 "We've register it, boy!" Navajo Jim tells Winged Foot. "It's all yours, an' you're rich!"

 "What message am I to take to the Pueblos? Is it war?" one of the Pueblo men who had followed Corn Blossom to Winged Foot asks.

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