Scenes from the movie

Berna finds Larry as a stowaway in her and her grandfather's cabin on the boat. 

  Locasto is at the gambling table. He drops a chip and doesn't seem to notice. Larry picks it up, places a bet, and wins. When Locasto takes the chips that he won, Larry says, "You can't swipe what's mine." When Locasto knocks him down, Larry looks up to see Berna watching and he goes to fight Locasto. It's no contest, though. One punch and Larry is back on the floor.

  Larry pulls Berna from an avalanche that killed several of the travelers including her grandfather.

 When they have to wade through a creek, the "little pardner" can't bear the cold, so the engineer carries him on his back.

Although Berna is exhausted and Mrs. Bulkey believes they can't go up the Chilkoot Pass, Berna is determined to press on for Larry's sake.

The Bulkeys are running a restaurant, and Berna is working for them while Larry is away mining. Locasto tells the Bulkeys, "I'll stake you two for your passage back." Mr. Bulkey says, "It's no use. Berna wouldn't leave until Larry makes a gold strike." "Leave Berna here," Locasto says. "I'll see that she doesn't starve."

"Please take me home, dear! There's a boat leaving tonight. Please, before it's too late!"

The camera shows Berna from this angle, wallowing in the luxury of the saloon girl's apartment in a clean nightgown, warm and comfortable. As Berna raises her arms to stretch in comfort, we see Locasto enter the room, and, without showing her face, we see Berna's fear as her clasped hands turn to fingers stretched in terror.

 Larry finds Berna working in the saloon, still not realizing she has been Locasto's "kept woman" all the months he was away. When he tells her he has found the richest strike in all of the Klondike, she responds, "So you've found gold? There's not enough gold in the world to make things right again!" - takes the bag of gold from Larry's hands and begins to throw it all about the room as patrons scramble on the floor for the nuggets.

Larry vows to fight to the finish -- for one of them.

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