Scenes from the movie

 The dance contest winner at the Jazzland Night Club and very popular Pert Kelly.

"Are you that way, or do you just dance hot?"

 Pert can't take her eyes off Winthrop when he walks into the Boiler Room Night Club - and he can't take his eyes off her!

"I think I'd better close the deal with a cash deposit." Winthrop isn't sure what this means, but he soon finds out that it means Pert is ready to kiss him!

 Although they've said "good night" several times, neither of them is able to pull away.

 Dad: "And what's more, no decent girl would wear a dress lke that."
Pert: "Well, I'm wearing it - and I'm decent!"

 Mom: "Pert - don't mind what Pop says - I know that you're a good girl."
Pert: "Sure I'm good, Mom - but I have an awful time hiding it. I'd be disgraced if it were ever found out!"

 As the new personnel manager, Winthrop tells Pert, "We've got to have discipline. When I say eight o'clock in the morning - I mean eight - not eight fifteen! Miss Kelly, you will probably be fired."

 "I'm only trying to save you from a life of suspicions - and doubt - and unhappiness," Winthrop's father tells him.

 Pert: "Do you no longer trust me?"
Mom: "Wonder if a rich fellow like that might have the right idea about - a working Girl - "

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