Scenes from this silent movie

 In the park, Gerald proposes to Mary, and she accepts!!

 At a party, the tall, muscular Bill Cactus from Arizona gets Mary's attention and arouses Gerald's jealousy.

 Gerald, Mary and Bill spy a lady calling for help out in the water. Bill will rush out and save her while Gerald stands by. Mary is not happy that Gerald has proved to be such a weakling.

 Bill Cactus invites everyone to his place in Arizona. Gerald is traveling alone by train and accidentally lets the train leave him at one of the stopovers. A couple of men offer to give him a ride, but, out in the desert, they waylay Gerald and steal his money -- leaving him in the desert to die.

 Things get worse as Gerald is found out in the desert and captured by a group of renegades.

 Mary has already reached Bill's place, and she, Bill and her parents take a ride out in the desert. When they stop, Mary wanders off and is captured by the renegades, too.

 When most of the renegades leave to fight the Mexican soldiers, Gerald is able to break loose. To his surprise, he finds Mary there, too. However, when he suggests they attempt an escape together, Mary remembers what a coward he was on the beach that day and is reluctant to leave with him.

 However, they do leave, and after subduing some of the renegades who remained behind, they think they are home free. However, the renegades who were fighting the soldiers return and catch them by surprise. Gerald and Mary run to a machine gun the renegades had stolen earlier from the soldiers and begin holding them off.

 There are too many of the renegades, though, and Gerald eventually runs out of ammunition. The renegade chief pulls out his knife and vows to kill Gerald.

 However, after Mary was captured, Bill and Mary's parents drove to the local army post, and our heroes are saved by the cavalry!!

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