Scenes from this silent movie

 The Larrabees hold Alice Faulkner captive in her home. A Crown Prince had an affair with Alice's sister and wrote "indiscreet letters" to her sister, who is now deceased. Alice has possession of the letters and has hidden them. The Larrabees know the letters are very valuable and are trying to coerce Alice into handing them over.

 Holmes has tricked Alice into revealing the hiding place of the letters. Larrabee holds a gun on Holmes and Alice and demands they turn them over.


 The Larrabees enlist the aid of master criminal Professor Moriarity who welcomes the opportunity to bring an end to Holmes. However, when Moriarity visits Holmes on the pretense of ending their animosity, he is foiled at his attempt to murder the great detective. "We shall meet again, Holmes," he vows.


Alice goes a deserted cellar where there is an old gas chamber to warn Holmes of the trap Moriarity has set for him, but, instead, she is captured by Larrabee and Moriarity's gang.

 After rescuing Alice, Holmes tells the thugs, "You surprise me, gentlemen, thinking that you are going to delay our departure."


 "One moment, my dear fellow," he tells Larrabee as he is taken away by the police. "Since the government will attend to all of your needs, you won't require my money. Allow me to retrieve it."


 Billy, Holmes' valet, poses as a newspaper boy and finds out that Moriarity is posing as the driver of the hansom Holmes is about to take.


Holmes captures Moriarity. 


 Although Holmes discovered the hiding place of the letters at the beginning of the story, he refused to take them until Alice offered them to him freely.


Holmes: "By now you must realize the trick I've played on you. I arranged everything that happened just now and I cannot hope that you will forgive me. So I will leave and say goodbye forever!"

Alice: "Stay, Mr. Holmes. We still have many things to say to each other."

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