Scenes from the movie

 The railroad magnate comes to Pop's house to try and buy his line. Pop writes down a price of $10,000 and hands it to Speedy. Speedy changes the $10,000 to $70,000 and hands it to the magnate who is appalled and vows to get the rail line one way or another.

 During their day at Coney Island, Speedy is involved in one mishap after another. When he looks in one of the funny mirrors, he realizes he had leaned against a newly painted fence earlier and got paint all over his brand new suit.


 Broke after a day at Coney Island, Speedy hitches a ride back with a friend who has a moving van. He rearrages the furniture in the back so that it looks like a very "homey" living room complete with fireplace for him and Ann.


After a wild ride through the streets of New York, Speedy finally delivers Babe Ruth to Yankee Stadium - who then tells him, "If I ever want to commit suicide, I'll call you."

 Pop's streetcar is used as a gathering place for all of the old tradesmen in the neighborhood each night. However, Speedy tells them, "I'm not so sure that you'll have the car to play in very long. I got a tip that there's a tough gang coming down to take Pop's car." With that, all of the old men vow to help Speedy fight the gang when that happens.


 The thugs do try to take over the car, and the old men come to the rescue with a wild melee in the streets.


 Speedy finds the car that the thugs had stolen the night before. However, city regulations say the car must run at least once every 24 hours or Pop loses the line. With only minutes left, Speedy races the car back to the line - with the addition of the gang in hot pursuit. The dummy dressed as a policeman helps him get past the cops.


 Unfortunately, he slams one corner of the car into a steel support for the city's el. He must fix a broken wheel quickly if he's going to make it in time.


 Speedy gets the car back in time, and the railroad magnate realizes his thugs were unsuccessful in their efforts to stop the streetcar from running. He now agrees to the $70,000 price. However, Speedy tells him, "Pop's slightly deaf and he can't hear a word you say - till you get up to a hundred thousand."


 Speedy kisses Ann, and just as the railroad magnate looks their way, the dummy cop thumbs his nose at him.

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