Scenes from the film

 Betty Lou drops her handkerchief, and Cyrus picks it up to return it to her. However, she's disappointed because he doesn't even look at her.

  Betty Lou rooms with Molly who has a small baby. Molly is sick and can't return to work for a a month so it's up to Betty Lou to support them.

  Betty Lou gets Monty to invite her to the Ritz. Actually she only wants to go because she knows Cyrus will be there. She and Molly do some altering on her work dress to make it an evening dress.

  At the Ritz, Betty Lou makes sure she gets to meet Cyrus. Of course, when he does meet her, he's smitten by her.

  Their first date is at Coney Island, and, of course, Cyrus falls more deeply in love with her.

  When Cyrus kisses her after bringing her home, she angrily slaps him and goes inside. Howevers, she's actually delighted at the kiss but can't let him know that.

  The authorities come to take Molly's baby until she's well and can work again. Betty Lou convinces them the baby is hers, and, of course, she's well and has a job. They are suspicious, though, and go to Cyrus Waltham to confirm that Betty Lou does, indeed, work at his store.

  Monty runs to Cyrus to tell him Betty Lou has a baby. When shes goes into his office and tries to flirt with him, he acts very cool toward her. However, when he suggests they continue their relationship "discreetly," Betty Lou bristles at the idea of being a "kept woman."

  Betty Lou convinces Monty to take her along on the cruise on Cyrus' yacht. Her plan is to make Cyrus propose to her and then laugh in his face.

  Betty Lou does exactly as she plans. When Cyrus proposes to her, she laughs. Later, she cries to Monty that her plan wasn't funny anymore.


   Monty is steering the yacht and runs it into another boat throwing Cyrus' friend/fianceé Adela into the water. Betty Lou dives in to save her.

   In the end, Cyrus and Betty Lou are united. (Notice the "IT" between them?)

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