Scenes from the movie

 Dr. Jekyll is a humanitarian and philanthropist who runs a free medical clinic when not performing his experiments.

 Sir George Carew tempts Jekyll to live out his evil desires.

 Jekyll views himself in the mirror as Edward Hyde for the first time.

 Hyde tells his live-in mistress, Gina, "I'm through with you - get out!"

 Millicent is unaware of Jekyll's experiments and patiently waits for the day they will be married.

In one of his unexplained fits of rage, Hyde hurts a young boy in the street. He writes a check to the boy's father for restitution. Carew and Lanyon happen to be there and notice the check is signed by Henry Jekyll.

 Hyde beats Sir George Carew to death.

 Lanyon, Carew, Millicent, Utterson and Poole gather in Jekyll's courtyard following the brutal beating of Sir George.

 Jekyll has taken the potion so much that he involuntarily becomes Hyde.

 Because he has no idea when he may become Hyde, Jekyll stays locked away in his lab and sends Poole out to find the drug he needs to remain Jekyll. However, Poole can find the drug nowhere.

 Unfortunately, Millicent comes to the lab just as Jekyll becomes Edward Hyde.

 The effect of the potion has taken its toll on Jekyll, and he dies.

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