Mickey is very much a tomboy and almost proves too much for her father to handle. "See them gray hairs," he says. "You give them to me."

 Mickey meets handsome Herbert Thornhill who has come to the hills to do some surveying.

Mickey's father is concerned about his failing health and takes Mickey to her rich aunt's house to be raised properly.

While Mickey's aunt is appalled at her eating habits, villainous Reggie finds it amusing.

Reggie tries to force his attentions on Mickey.

 When the aunt finds out that the mine Mickey will inherit is worthless, she decides to send her back home.

A telegram arrives stating that the mine is valuable, after all, and Mickey's aunt chases her to the train and begs her to come back.

 Reggie tries to bilk Herbert out of $5,000 by fixing a horse race. When Mickey learns of this, she takes the jockey's place to assure a win for Herbert.

 Reggie again tries to force his attentions on Mickey after locking her in the attic with him.


The only way Mickey can escape Reggie's advances is to climb dangerously on the steep roof of the mansion.


 Herbert discovers Reggie's misdeed, and the two fight while Mickey is slowly losing her grip on the roof.

 After getting married, Herbert and Mickey say their farewells from the back of their honeymoon train.

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