Mack Sennett

Cast: Mabel Normand (Mickey), Wheeler Oakman (Herbert Thornhill), George Nichols (her father), Minta Durfee (Elsie Drake), Laura Lavarnie (her aunt, Mrs. Geoffrey Drake), Lew Cody (Reggie Drake), Tom Kennedy (Tom Rawlings), Minnie Ha Ha (Minnie)

Mickey is a tomboy whol lives in the Western hills with her father, who owns a struggling mine, and her stepmother, an Indian woman. Mickey's wild, tomboyish ways cause her father a lot of anxiety. He not only worries about his ability to raise her properly, he is also concerned about his failing health and wants her to be educated as a young lady.

Mickey meets Herbert Thornhill who has come to the hills on a surveying expedition. She accidentally meets him when she hides out in his room to keep the sheriff and local storekeeper from taking her mischievous dog. Although the two become enamored of each other, Mickey's father has made arrangements for her to go live with her rich aunt, Mrs. Geoffrey Drake, so she can be raised as a lady.

The only reason Mickey's aunt agrees to take her in is because she thinks the mine which Mickey will inherit from her father is valuable. Although she leads Mickey's father to believe she will treat Mickey as one of her own, she actually puts her to work as one of the servants - cooking, scrubbing floors, etc. However, Mickey's playfulness and mischievous ways soon begin to drive everyone in the house crazy except her cousin, Reggie Drake, who tries to force his attentions on Mickey.

Mrs. Drake is told that Mickey's mine is worthless and decides to send her back home and be rid of her. However, no sooner is Mickey taken to the train station than Mrs. Drake reads a telegram that says the mine has struck it rich. She rushes to the train and hurriedly brings Mickey back home again.

Mickey soon finds out that she is in the town where Herbert lives, and the two begin to rekindle their romance. However, Reggie still has designs on Mickey for himself.

Reggie turns out to be the typical cad, and works with a local jockey to trick Herbert out of $5,000. At the racetrack, Mickey overhears Reggie and the jockey talking about the scam, so she takes the jockey's place in the race to win it for Herbert. Unfortunately, though, Mickey's horse falls, and she is injured. She is soon nursed back to health with Herbert at her side.

Soon, Reggie finds his chance to get Mickey alone in the house and, again, begins his unwanted advances. This time Mickey is afraid of him and runs to the attic where Reggie traps her and locks the door. Mickey climbs out the window and onto the steep roof high up on the mansion to escape him. Herbert learns of her plight and breaks in to fight Reggie. He rescues Mickey just as she is about to lose her grip on the roof and fall.

Mickey and Herbert are married, and Mrs. Drake, Elsie and Reggie are left with nothing for their troubles.

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