Scenes from

"Peck's Bad Boy" (1921)

 Henry and Buddy let a man-eating lion loose at the circus and must escape the beast by hiding in . . . the lion's cage!!

 In order to "extort" money from his Dad for the circus, Henry dresses Buddy as a crying lady and "accidentally" happens upon them in the drug store.

Henry hangs out at the local general store and eats so many prunes and dried apples that his mother calls the doctor.

Henry has a compassionate side, too. When some bullies steal a little girl's ice cream, he uses his church money to buy her another cone.

One of Henry's many pranks was to put ants in his father's lumbago pad. The ants decided to become active during the church service.

 A tender moment when Henry cries over his dog, Tar Baby, being taken by the dog catcher. However, Tar Baby nor the other dogs stays captive for long.

Mr. Peck has invested a large sum of money in assisting an inventor. Henry takes the plans from his father's desk out of curiosity. When his mother comes into the room, he stuffs the plans into Dr. Jim Martin's coat pocket to prevent being caught.

 Dr. Martin and Henry's sister, Letty, are sweethearts. Without really thinking about it, she stuffs the inventor's plans further down in his coat pocket while they talk.

 When Mr. Peck reports the plans stolen to the police, Letty suddenly remembers seeing them in Jim's pocket.


Just as he is about to leave town to visit his mother, Dr. Martin is arrested and handcuffed by the police and charged with stealing the inventor's plans. Henry studies the handcuffs, and, when he realizes what's going on, he quickly tells his father how the plans got in Dr. Martin's coat pocket.


 To flee his angry father, Henry jumps on a hand cart and races down the railroad tracks. However, a train is bearing down upon him, and Dr. Martin must save the boy.

 After, the rescue, Henry tells Dr. Martin he's really going to "get it" from his father now!

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