Scenes from the movie

 "Smoke" Thatcher runs with a wild crowd of young people who epitomize the Jazz Age with fast cars, illegal booze and all night partying.

 Mr. Thatcher chastises "Smoke" for failing grades and his irresponsible lifestyle. When he denies "Smoke" the use of the family car and orders him to his room, "Smoke" rebels and walks out the door.

  After "borrowing" his absent neighbor's car, "Smoke" finds Patsy at the party with his rival, Pet Masters. Pet tells "Smoke" Patsy came to the party with him, and she will leave with him, also.

  The argument over Patsy turns into a "duel" with their cars.

  "Smoke" wins the duel by pushing Pet's car over on its side.

  Although he may have won the duel, "Smoke" has done major damage to his neighbor's car. He and Patsy sit on the running board wondering what to do next.

  "Smoke" finds an all-night garage, but the owner refuses to work on a "borrowed" car.

  "Smoke" is duped into helping some gangsters rob a bank. What he doesn't know is that they are robbing the bank where his father is working late, and, in the melee, his father is shot.

  Filled with anger, "Smoke" drives the car recklessly through the streets. Gangster Beaut Thibeau threatens to shoot if he doesn't slow down.

  In order to capture the crooks, "Smoke" rams the car into the local police station.

 Once the crooks are taken into custody, "Smoke" is informed that he will receive an $8,000 reward.

 "Smoke" is reunited with his father, and all is forgiven.

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