Scenes from the movie

 Holofernes orders his Assyrian troops to attack the city of Bethulia.

 The citizens of Bethulia are caught by surprise at the well outside their walled city. Naomi, beloved of Nathan, cowers at the well as the troops swoop down.

 Judith, a wealthy widow, raises her hands to God in despair when she learns of the attack.

 Storming the walls of Bethulia.

 Nathan, on top of the walls surrounding Bethulia, wonders what happened to his beloved Naomi.

 Naomi has been captured and is bound to a post in at the Assyrian camp.

 Judith covers herself in sackcloth and ashes in preparation for the deed she is about to commit - go into Holofernes' camp, seduce and kill him.

 Water must be rationed in Bethulia as the seige of the city goes on for days.

 Judith has been accepted into Holferenes' camp and dresses to come into his tent that evening.

 Judith attempts to get Holofernes drunk.


 Holofernes has been beheaded!

 Judith walks through the streets of Bethulia triumphant.

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