Scenes from the movie

 Sebastian, a trader, takes advantage of another native who has found a valuable pearl.

"When I see what my race has done to these natives here, I am ashamed - ashamed of being white!"

 In spite of bursting veins from changes in pressure, collapsed lungs and other dangers, the natives are driven to keep diving for pearls.

 Doc Lloyd works on a native whose lungs have collapsed.

 Doc Lloyd is sent adrift on a ship by Sebastian, and, after running into a typhoon, is shipwrecked on an island.

 He is nursed back to health by the natives.

 A feast is prepared in his honor.

 Although the natives have given him up for dead, Doc Lloyd is able to save Fayaway's little brother who almost drowns.

 He discovers there are pearls in the waters around the island, and the same greed of all white men overtakes him.

 When Sebastian's ship arrives at the island, Doc Lloyd pleads with the chief, "Don't let them land!"

 "For God's sake, go away, Sebastian!"

 Fayaway is hysterical after Doc Lloyd is shot by one of Sebastian's men.

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