Page from December, 1925, Motion Picture magazine

The captions read:

"The Plastic Age," a true story of college life -- the prmos, the "bull leagues," athletics,a nd even the poor old faculty -- hs at last come to the screen. It caused such a furore thruout the country last year that it became the second-best seller of 1924.

The idol of the fraternity house. The ideal boy of he campus. A favorite with the faculty. And the hero of the book. It is Donald Keith who will play the part of Hugh Carver, and this wonderfully collegiate sweater he wears will be an object of envy to more than one freshman.

Collegiate, collegiate, the ideal collegiate. Can't you see him swaggering across the campus, or strolling into the stadium, or lolling into the class-room? The English sport jacket, the plus-four knickers, the ivory cigaret holder, and, best of all, that savoir-faire air that the girls love and that the green boy from the country does his best to imitate. It is Gilbert Roland who will play the Carl Peters of the book; and won't Clara Bow, the girl in the case, be proud of him!!

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